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Ana <ananuta@...>

MODERATOR NOTE: Can a fluent Spanish speaker help with this request?

Dear genners:
I am very interesting in the 3 CD. Please I want to buy
it with my credit card. What must to do I ?
Sorry for my bad english , but I do my best.

Ana Raquel Nuta (# 112072) Argentina ananuta@... ananuta@...

Subj: Recorded IAJGS Conerence Sessions Ready for Shipment Date: 7/25/2005
Dear 'Genners..
We are delighted to tell you about a wonderful opportunity to own a set of
3 CDs containing 31 recorded presentations at the just concluded IAJGS
conference in Las Vegas. All this is thanks to Ron Arons and his small
army of volunteers. Ron stepped up to the plate when it was announced that
the customary practice of recording the sessions could not be
followed. Conference attendees as well as those who were not able to join
us in Las Vegas now have an opportunity to listen to 31 of the sessions.

We are making the complete set available at a very affordable $35 plus
modest shipping and handling costs. Shipping cost will vary depending on
the country to which the set is being delivered and will show up when you
go through the ordering system in the Mall. Nothing is charged to your
credit card until you approve, so don't be timid about using the
system. Ron will start burning CDs and shipping as soon as he begins to
get the orders. Hopefully you will keep him busy for the next few weeks! <g>

To see a complete listing of which of the sessions were recorded visit
the JewishGenMall at The quickest way to find
the complete description is to either enter the full title into the search
field, "IAJGS 2005 Conference Lectures in a 3 CD Set (MP3 audio files)"
or just select "Recorded Lecture"s >from the Topic drop down box.

The sooner you order, the sooner you can enjoy listening to the conference
lectures at your leisure. Carol

Carol W. Skydell, Vice President JewishGen Special Projects

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