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Your help is needed:

Alongside distant relatives and fellow Gersig members Phil URLWIN-SMITH of
Woking UK and Hugh BRODER of Detroit USA, I am researching our shared
SCHUBACH ancestors. We have traced the SCHUBACH family back to the late
1700s when they lived in Muelheim bei Koblenz which is today better known
as Verbandsgemeinde Weissenthurm in Rheinland-Pfalz. Our research has also
taken us in a number of different directions in terms of names and places
and we are now also looking for related lines called KLINGENSTEIN and BEHR.

The descendants of all three families married amongst each other and the
inter-relationships are complex.

Using a well known commercial organisation's extensive online material, the
BEHR family have been traced back to New York. Louis BEHR and his wife
Helena or Lenchen arrived in about 1855 >from an unknown place in Bavaria.

We also know that the KLINGENSTEIN family came originally >from Miltenberg
in Bavaria. Joseph KLINGENSTEIN (1827-1890) was the son of Abraham
KLINGENSTEIN and Lenchen ANSBACHER. He was the teacher and kantor at the
Jewish school in Ober Ingelheim Rheinland-Pfalz and is buried there.

Joseph married Amalie MANNHEIMER (born 1829 in Klein Heubach Bavaria, died
1905 London UK). Klein Heubach is located geographically close by to Miltenberg.

The SCHUBACH family also married in to another branch of the KLINGENSTEIN
family, with 4 siblings:
Henry (born 1830) married to Razalie;
Sig (born 1830) married to Amelia, emigrated to the US in 1846;
William (born 1834) died in London UK 1916;
Helena (born 1835) married to Marx SCHUBACH, died in London UK 1916.

We want to establish whether Joseph KLINGENSTEIN was an elder sibling of
the above named 4. To do this we need to consult the Juden Matrikel for
Miltenberg Bavaria, because the local Standesamt only holds local records
after 1866. Where can this be done outside the Bavaria State Archives in
Munich or CAHJP in Jerusalem? Have the Mormons filmed this record and what
is its call reference number? Without access to this, I've hit a brick wall.

A further question concerns the parentage of Arthur KLINGENSTEIN. Whilst
Amalie KLINGENSTEIN nee MANNHEIMER was his mother, who was his father? To
find out I need to find the date and details of the marriage of Joseph
KLINGENSTEIN to Amalie MANNHEIMER. We need to know when and where their
marriage took place and whether Amalie had been married before and to whom.

Amalie's birth record >from the Kleinheubach Juden Matrikel shows in a
margin annotation that she was married in 1855, but not who she married,
and details about Amalie and Josef in the Ingelheim local community history
book states that they were childless. The book is called "Sie Sind Mitten
Unter Uns - Zur Gechichte Der Juden in Ingelheim" by Han-Georg Meyer and
Gerd Mentgen ISBN 3-924124-29-9 published 1998. 684 pages. Our Moderator
might care to add the details of this book to our archive.

However, after Joseph's death in 1890, we know >from UK Census material that
Amalie moved to London UK to live with her son Arthur KLINGENSTEIN (born in
Germany in1857, died 1917 in London UK) and daughter in law Regina

Where do we go >from here? All ideas welcome.

Jeanette Rosenberg, London UK email

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