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Barbara Siegel

Dear All,
On the family index card 1910 Census of my PGM used to access final census
data I found the following notation in reference to birthplace: GRMY PRWR
After consulting with other researchers and the staff at NARA it was agreed
that GRMY stands for "Germany" However, no one had an answer for the "PRWR"
The best guess was "Pre War" This combination GRMY PRWR was noted for many
listings as I scrolled thru rolls of microfilm.

On the Census index card of 1920 it lists her birthplace as POSEN and
language as German. Ditto for both of her parents.

Does anyone have any clues as to the meaning of PRWR on census index cards
in this time frame?

Would it be safe to assume that she was born in Posen, Prussia and that the
PRWR is a reference to Prussia?

Barbara Siegel Jerusalem/Chicago

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