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Martha LEV-ZION <martha@...>

I was unable to locate any information on these graves in Josef
Motschmann's wonderful book "GUTER ORT" Uber dem Maintal about the
Jewish cemetery of Burgkunstadt.

Martha Lev-Zion Omer, Israel <>

17 Aug 2005 "Tomer Brunner, in Israel." wrote:
In 2003, I visited the cemetery in Burgkunstadt, which served also the
Altenkunstadt community.
While there I found an interesting tombstone of a "PARNAS and MANHIG
HaMEDINA ("leader of the state)". > His name is Avraham Shmuel, son of David
(there was another name next to David, but I couldn't read it clearly).
He died on 1670.
Next to this tombstone there was another one of a woman named Elkeli (?),
daughter of Asher HaLevi and wife of the "Parnas and Manhig HaMedina"
Zanwil Kronach. She died 1681. Zanwil is a nickname for Shmuel,
so I guess that Zanwil Kronach is Avraham Shmuel son of David.
Does anybody have information about this person or can reffer me to
sources about him? Thanks and best regards, Tomer Brunner, Israel.

MOD NOTE: There is a book describing this cemetery and listing
all the grave inscriptions......

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