desire rolande

Good afternoon,

I am looking for several civil acts :

1) Died act for Jane HOGG, who born on 15 Nov 1825 in
Newscatle upon Tyne, Nothumberland, (England) and died
in Sotteville Les Rouen (France) on 18 Apr 1872.

Jane HOGG and her husband Thomas IREDALE had 7
children :

- John, born in Newscatle upon Tyne, but baptism on 26
Dec 1858, British School Room Chapel, 76,
Sotteville-Rouen (France),

- Mary Ann, baptism 26 Dec 1858, British School room
Chapel, Sotteville-Rouen (France),

Robert, baptism on 15 Sep 1859, British School chapel,
Sotteville-Rouen (France),

- James, born abt 1846 in ewcastle upon Tyne, census
1851 : 30 Mar, Byker, Nothumberland ?

- Thomas, born abt 3 Aug 1851 in Newscatle upon Tyne
and baptism on 3 Aug 1851, All Saints, Newcastle upon
Tyne, Birth registered 1851, Byker

- William, born abt 1 Aug 1853 in Newscatle upon Tyne,
baptism 7 Aug 1853, All Saints, Newscatle upon Tyne,
birth registered 1853, All Saints, Newscatle upon

2) Death act of Thomas IREDALE(born 14 Jun 1854 in
Newscatle upon Tyne, Nothenberland, England and died
in Dangu (France) on 28 May 1881.

3) Marriage act of Thomas IREDALE with Iraure Artemise
Terteaux on 21 Nov 1872 in Chantilly (France).

I am looking for too :

SWINHOE (England and France), GOLDWATER (Poland,
England, France, ...), NOSBOM (perharps has change of
spelling when coming in France, even in England), and
coming >from Poland, then England, then France, ...
PAILLASSE and MONLIAUZUN (France : Aveyron).

All the above information concern one or several of
the list I sent.

I hope to have some more information >from somebody and
civil acts when it is possible. I will pay for the

Hoping to hearing >from you soon.

Yours faithfully.

Claudine NOSBOM

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