German SIG #Germany Re: Seeking Wilhelm H.GOETZ Neunkirchen / Neuenkirche b. 15 July 1834 #germany

Fritz Neubauer

Jack Gates schrieb:

I have previously requested any info on my ggrandfather Wilhelm H.GOETZ in
Magdeburg, Germany, born 15 July, 1834, and coming to USA in 1852. I
recently returned >from Germany (this week) and have learned that he may have
been located in Neuenkirche,(now Neunkirchen),Germany. I would like to find
info on him or possibly any relatives in that area also if there is a
"registrar" in that city?
Dear Jack,
the contemporary German zip code book has at least 9 major entries for
Neunkirchen plus a few more for smaller places. If you want to have
success with your research you should try to indicate in what area of
Germany your Neunkirchen could most likely be. With kind regards

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany <>

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