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Fritz Neubauer

The German Jewish Weekly "Juedische Allgemeine" has two articles (page
1 and page 17) on the the Berlin Weissensee Cemetery in its issue of
September 1, 2005. On page 17 the headline says: "Rettet den Friedhof!"
(Save the Cemetery!).
The cemetery is described as the largest Jewish cemetery in Europe with
115.000 graves - but since there are not enough funds for its
up-keeping, the deterioration is advancing at a high rate.
The article says, estimates say that about 40 million Euros would be
necessary to save it - which is far beyond the means of Berlin Jewish
Community (which would be theoretically responsible for it) or even the
Berlin City Administration.
One strategy seems to consist of having the cemetery recognized as
"World Cultural Heritage" in the hope that this would mean funds for its
restoration >from the Federal Government which faces federal elections in
two weeks.
No definite plans seem to exist at this point in time - various bodies
and polititicians seem to pass along the reponsibility, and nature takes
its course. - I just wanted to provide this information to the Jewish
community outside Germany.

With kind regards

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany <>

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