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Dear Genners and Siggers,
A few days ago I posted a question about a certain
Gunther KOENIGSBUCH which I located in Bottrop Germany
and who died in 1928. It was total surprise for me to
find a Koenigsbuch in that place.
Google did not indicate any thing. It was found
through Copernic megasearch engine.
My attention was drawn to a book published in 1993
called "Juden in Bottrop" and a copy is at Yad Vasehem.

Saw Today I saw the book which is exceptionally detailed with a lot of Jewish
families which lived there between 1850-1942. It solved my questions.

Most of the Jews there were >from Galicia and in the 1930 most of those who left
to Palestine ended up in Haifa.

Jacob Rosen Jerusalem <>

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