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Elizabeth Levy <levyliz@...>

I have been left with a treasure and don't know what to do with it.

My great great uncle's wife died a few years ago in Sweden and left me with
ALL the family photos and all family papers. My girlfriend just came to
visit >from Stockholm carrying 6 kgs of photos! Imagine my excitement.

On the other hand, imagine the frustration... There is nothing written on
the backs of 99.9% of the photos! If I can give any advice to people today,
it's label your photographs!!!

I have been able to recognize the photos >from my side - my uncle's side - of
the family, but want to find someone who can recognize my aunt's side.

The papers also came with an old typewritten family tree for her mother's
side of her family. I'm currently putting that in the computer but would
love to pass it on to someone reaching those names. The familes are
father's family is MAYER although no tree is available for the MAYER side.

BONNEWITT, BORN et al started off in Eichloch Rheinhessen.
STRAUSS in Freilaubersheim, Rheinhessen, later Dromersheim.
MAYER in Langenlonsheim and Laubenheim.

If these names or places are familiar to you, let me know and we'll try to
find a connection. Thanks.

Elizabeth Levy Mevassaret Zion, Israel <>

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