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I am trying to find information regarding my great grandfather's siblings,
in total there were at least 12, I have found details for 9 and am still
looking for:

Levie MARCUS born 11/6/1865 Zutphen Holland, was a merchant in Cologne 1899.
Nothing further known.

Abraham MARCUS born 18/12/1867 Zutphen Holland, possibly lived in Cologne.

Meyer MARCUS born 10/9/1875 Delmenhorst, died 18/6/1909 Cologne. >from his
tombstone I know that he was married and had children but no names were

I have tried the Cologne archives but as I am not a direct descendant of the
above they will not help me. I would like to find out if they were married
and whether they had any children etc.

Also my gg grandfather's brother Nathan Philippus Marcus ROZENBOOM born
21/12/1841 died in prison in Cologne 19/12/1871 the prison address appears
to be Klingelputz 37, would there be any further information available? if
so where would I find it? Thank you.

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