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I have recently come across a website that contains many photographs of
headstones >from the old Jewish Cemetery in Breslau.

Some of you may find it of interest. The web site also has other
information and resources of value eg a searchable version of the 1941
Breslau address book

There are two beautiful books >from Maciej Lagiewski, the director of the
Breslau museum: "Das Pantheon der Breslauer Juden" (ISBN 3-87584-884-5) and
"Breslauer Juden 1850-1944" (ISBN 83-905227-1-3). The first one has not only
many pictures of the Friedhof Lohestrasse but also short curricula vitae of
the most prominent Jews buried there. The second contains hundreds of
historical pictures relating to the Jewish history of the town. It shows
that the houses in the Jewish quarter, built at the beginning of the 19th
century, did not seem to look very different a hundred years later.

Two other recent publications are very interesting:

- "Microcosm - Portrait of a Central European City" by Norman Davis and
Roger Moorhouse (ISBN 0-224-06243-3, 585 p.) is a portrait of Central
Europe, presented in the form of a case study of Breslau, "one of ist most
colourful cities.

- "Juden und andere Breslauer - die Beziehungen zwisachen, Protestanten und
Katholoken in einer deutschen Grossstadt von 1860 bis 1925" (Jews and other
Breslau people - the relations between Jews, Protestanrs and Catholics in an
German city >from 1860 to 1925) by Till van Rahden (ISBN 3-525-35732-X, 382
p.). It is an extremly detailed study which will be very interesting for all
GerSIG memebers (who understand German). It is a study on the development of
Breslau's social structur. One of the interesting things I learned, was the
fact that, due to the wealthy Jewish middle class, Breslau was one of the
most liberal places in Prussia - until 1918 when the Weimar republic
abolished the three class election system and introduced the one man (or
-also for the first time: one woman) - one vote.

- Finally, there is a reprint of Breslau's town map of 1915 "Reprint
historycznego planu miasta", Wroclaw 2003. The publisher is HBA, 51-124
Wroclaw, ul. Kamienskiego 112/3 (tel. 071-3527321). THe ISBN (83-915118-5-5)
seems to be one number for a series of old town maps, including Wroclaw
1927, 1930, 1936, 1040, 1041.

Hermann da Fonseca-Wollheim Tervuren, Belgium

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