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Ury Link

Dear Genners,
Mrs Gutmann asked:
>>Joseph Jonas KUNO of Lienbenwalde (mentioned by Lars MENK):
KUNO does not mean COHEN, as far as I know, but most probably a town.
We need an advice on that question. Thank you for your answers.>>

I want to try to give a good answer on this question. It is not so simple
because we have few answer on it.
1: It is a German given name that derived >from Konrad (Conrat, Kuonra),>from
this name we get the next given names:
Kuono,Kuno,Kuni,Kuhni,Kiene,Kunze,Kainz,Kunke, and more given name. >from
this variant we have the family name KUNO. (source: Konrad Kunze,Atlas
namenkunde,\dtv verlag ,Munchen1998).

2:It is a toponym name >from the next places, Kuhnau in Schlesia, Kuhnow in
Pomorania, Kunow in Brandenburg all the places in former Germany. (source:
Duden,Familiennamen,herkunft und bedeutung von 20000 Nachnamen,Dudenverlag
Manheim 2000)

Perhaps it is also derived >from the name of the city Cuneo in Piemont,
Italy . The Jews called this city in Hebrew documents KUNI and KUNO
(source:my database based on the hand written Ketubot archive of the Hebrew
National Library in Jerusalem)

3:The source is the Hebrew Biblical name Elkana (Shemuel A cap 1 verse 1)
and Kuno is a nickname to this name Elkana. The way to Kuno is :
Elkana,Elkune, Kune and Kuno.

4:Another possibility is that it get out >from the feminine Hebrew Biblical
name Chana (Hana).I don't have any evidence for this suggestion ,but my
filling said that it can through this way: Chana, Chone,,Kone,KUNO.

I know that it is difficult to find out what is the best explanation for
the family name KUNO,but I am sure that you can find it with a good
researches on Tombstones or on Jewish documents .

I wish you all Shana Tova and Gemar Chatima Tova

Ury Link Amsterdam Holland <uryl@...>

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