German SIG #Germany INTRO - Greetings from a new member #germany

Gal A. Buki <buki@...>

Hi Group

I want to greet everyone on this list.
I'm looking forward working with you in the future.

Best regards, Gal Buki

PS. Ich spreche auch Deutsch.

MODERATOR NOTE: Every new GerSIG member receives an INTRO letter >from us.
This document suggests what information you should give us so we can help
you with your research. It also includes the rules for writing email to this
list. Those rules include signing each message with your full name,
city and state (or nation) of residence.

Gal Buki and all new members should *** save *** the INTRO letter >from GerSIG
and refer to it as necessary. The same information is available at our
website. MODERATOR

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