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Bert / Marcel <bdejong67@...>

I'am researching the Bermann family >from Zell (Mosel).

In my book I have Abraham BERMANN born 1809 in Oberwesel
and his wife Judith HANAU born 1814

Marx BERMANN born 1774 in Oberwesel
Judith BERMANN born 1800 in Oberwesel
Jacob BERMANN born 1811 in Zell (Mosel)

I'am trying to connect them to 'my'BERMANN's who also lived in Zell.
Samuel BERMANN born 1806
and his wife Babetta FEIST
and their son Michael BERMANN born 1833
and his wife Babetta/Belch ADLER born in Oberwiesel 18..

and Ferdinand BERMANN and Karl BERMANN born 1880 in Zell?
They lived in Merl (Mosel) in 1834.

Have you got any information? Regards,

Bert de Jong The Netherlands <bdejong67@...>

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