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Pete Vanlaw <pvan@...>

RE: Jewish deportations >from Netherlands
Dear Deanna, I suggest you go to this link:
I was able to locate my Uncle Paul REHFISCH, and his family on this site.
The site is extremely searchable, providing me not only with names, but addresses
as well. Paul was >from Hannover, but also thought he could escape by fleeing to
Amsterdam. When picked up by the Nazis, he, his wife and her parents were sent to
Westerbork, then onto Bergen Belsen. Paul and his wife Kaethe REHFISCH ne
FRANKEN/WOLFFE perished, not in Bergen Belsen, but in the town of Trobitz, as part
of the ill fated train that was headed for Theresienstadt, and the gas chambers
that were never completed there. Regards,

Pete Vanlaw Studio City, CA USA <>

"The German Jews that I am interested in thought they had escaped by going to
Holland (Amsterdam).Is there any site that would give me details for Jews
deported >from Holland? Deanna Johnson, UK"

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