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Hello everybody,

I am new in this forum and at the moment I don't know exactly how to deal
with it. Maybe you can help me and give me a hint or a tip.
The issue I am working on is as follows: I am doing a research project for
the authorities of the city of Munich concerning the history of the famous
Villa Waldberta in Feldafing at the Lake Starnberg near Munich. Today the
building is owned by the city of Munich and used as a residence for art
scholarship holders.

>from 1945-1952 the villa was occupied by the US-Army for the purposes of
the jewish Displaced-Persons-Camp in Feldafing.
The Archive of the Zentrum für Antisemitsimusforschung in Berlin keeps
copies of the "Leo-Schwarz-Papers" and "DP-Germany" in which I found
several lists with the names of many inhabitants of the Villa Waldberta.
The inhabitants mainly came >from Eastern Europe and Germany. I am very
interested in finding persons who are still alive and have lived in the
Villa during the described period.

What do you think: which forum or mailing list on could be
the best one to find former inhabitants of the Villa Waldberta?

So much for the beginning - thank You for your help!

Tobias Mahl Munich/Germany

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