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My maternal g-father Otto POLACSEK was born in Weener
Germany-he moved to Vienna Austria but I don't know
when. My maternal g-mother, Helene POLACSEK nee BRAND
was born in Krakow Poland. Otto left Vienna to avoid
the nazis who as my mother told me, were just "taking
the men". I am not familiar with the timetable. My
mother Edith SCHAFFER nee POLACSEK along with her
mother Helene BRAND POLACSEK left for Belgium after
Otto-I do not know how much time elapsed between my
g-father and my mother and her mother leaving Vienna
for Belgium. Otto POLACSEK was in Holland--Westerbork
is where he was before being transported to Auschwitz.
My g-mother Helene BRAND POLACSEK was arrested in
Belgium-do not know te city, but my mother waswatching
a movie a a local cinema, se came home to discover her
mother had been taken by the nazis. My mother was
saved by a Cathoic family-Geadin(spelling) living with
them for several years until she was arrested (local
nazi "snitch") in 1944 and sent to Auschwitz.

Norma Schaffer Los Angeles Ca USA

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