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Tom Krakauer <tkrakauer@...>

I have spent most of my time researching my German ancestors, but
have recently learned that several members of my MAYER family were in
Brooklyn >from 1894-1913.

Earlier generations were butchers, but someone made enough money to
establish a chain of department stores in the Pfalz region - Geschwister Mayer.

Are the Brooklyn City Directories or Commercial Directories available
on line, or is there someone in the NYC area who I could retain to do
the research. Thank you,

Thomas Krakauer, Durham, NC, USA e-mail

Researching: GOTTSCHALK >from N. Germany (Hannover); MOLLING >from
anywhere (Hannover); KRAKAUER >from Posen, Breslau, Berlin, Landau am
Pfalz; STERN >from Soest, ROTHSCHILD >from Stadtoldendorf; MAYER and
HEUMANN >from Billigheim and Hoffenheim.

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