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We are trying to trace my husband's family tree. We believe that his great
grandfather (Peter FRANK b.1836 in Germany) was >from Landau or the Frankfurt
Am Main area. He came over to Liverpool to import Raymond Canadian Sewing
Machines in 1863. My Husband's Uncle claimed that they were related to Otto
FRANK (Anne Frank's father)'s family about 4 generations back but we have no
evidence of this as yet. I would be grateful for any advice about records
held in that area and how to go about searching them. The only other family
information we have for them further back than this is that Peter's father
was also called Peter and both were classed as 'Gentlemen' on census records
so presumably had some money, does this make them easier to trace? Thanks

Anne Frank Bournemouth, UK <anniekfrank@...>

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