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Jan BOUSSE <janbousse@...>

I am trying to find with whom Franz SPANDOW was married. I know that he
lived in Pyritz in 1812, at the name adoption that year he kept the name
Franz SPANDOW. It seems he did not move to Berlin, but there are two SPANDOW
there: Moses SPANDOW and Abraham SPANDOW, both with connections to Pyritz.
[Pyritz is now Pyrzyce in Poland.]

According to Jacob Jacobson, Moses SPANDOW was born 15 Dec. 1820 in Pyritz,
Moses was a "Tuchhaendler", became Berlin citizen 15 May 1846. At that time
it is said that his father was a wool merchant in Pyritz (I think possibly
Franz SPANDOW, there seems to be no other SPANDOW in Pyritz).

The other one is Abraham SPANDOW, born 15 September 1825 in Pyritz. He
married 30 Dec. 1851 Agnes Pauline, daughter of Samuel Simon MEYER from
Dantzig. It was said then that his father was deceased. Again I suppose that
the father was Franz SPANDOW.

However, >from the Centrum Judaicum in Berlin I received somewhat different
data about the two men in Berlin.
Moses SPANDOW was born 20.12.1820, not said where. He died in Berlin
26.06.1895, was buried the same day. His death was registered in the
Standesamt Tempelhof-Schoeneberg.
Abraham Samuel Albert SPANDOW was born 15.09.1826 in Pyritz. He died in
Berlin 12.05.1885 and was buried 15.05.1885. There are more details that I
can give if someone is interested (Lars MENK, you perhaps?). His death was
registered in the Standesamt Mitte.

However, the Centrum Judaicum declares that according to their records
Abraham was not married!

Up to now no source has been able to indicate who was Franz SPANDOW's wife
and the mother of these two other men. That means that I want to search in
the Pyritz archives. Pyritz is now Pyrzyce in Poland. I find no state
archives there, perhaps it comes under Stettin/Szczecin. Anybody can give me
a hint for that research?

I hope that at least some of my questions can be answered. Thanks!

Jan Bousse, Oostende, Belgium <>

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