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Ernest Kallmann

Just off the press :Revue du Cercle de Genealogie Juive

Issue 87, July-September 2006

Our Society’s life

Françoise Lyon-Caen and Georges Graner summarize the presentations by
some of our members of their latest research results during the monthly
meeting on September 11, 2006.


Bernard Lyon-Caen publishes a well-documented article about the
ancestors of Marc Bloch (1866 -1944), a famous historian who taught at
College de France and who founded with his friend Lucien Febvre the
Revue des Annales d’histoire economique et sociale that stressed “the
importance of economic and social phenomena in the historic development
of human societies”. Bloch, in "Societe Feodale", published 1939, upturned
the traditional vision of the Middle Ages.

As soon as July 1940, obsessed by the causes and the course of the two
World Wars in which he had participated, he writes L’etrange defaite,
the strange defeat. The Germans arrest him in Lyon on March 8, 1944 and
torture him, before killing him at the age of 57 on July 16, 1944.

The author describes Marc Bloch’s Alsatian genealogy, over 8 generations
for his paternal line, the Bloch and Aron, and over 9 generations for
his maternal line, the Ebstein and Grombach.

Pascal FAUSTINI presents the genealogy of Lion Asher, chief-rabbi in
Metz (1766-1785), one of the outstanding Talmudists of his times,
according to Jewish Encyclopedia. He uses a yet unknown document he has
unearthed at the Moselle Archives Departementales: Lion Asher’s probate
inventory. He thus helps us discover Lion Asher’s ancestors, mostly
rabbis of German origin settled in Eastern Europe, belonging to the
families Katzenellenbogen, Wahl and Ulmo-Gunzburg. Among his
descendants, Pascal Faustini discovers … Marc Bloch.

Jean-François RENAUD shows great admiration, which we share, for his
uncle Georges Jessula, one of our former members, unfortunately passed
away in 2004. Renaud writes a sort of log-book of the Jessula family’s
crossings >from Corfu to Marseilles, to the Far-East, >from Italy to Corfu
etc. Pictures and family-trees illustrate this sentimental journey.


Our webmaster Georges GRANER shares his discovery of a new
Italian-Jewish genealogy website. “Some surnames declared in the
Palatinate in 1808 by Jews of Alsatian origin”, published by Bernhard
Kukatzki in “Pfaelzisch-Rheinische Familienkunde” is reproduced by
permission. Bernard LYON-CAEN reports about a family meeting of the
Goudchaux organized in April 2006 by Jacky Martin-Godchaux in Luxembourg.

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