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I recently came across two books, the first was "Das Reichssippenamt,
eine Institution der Nationalsozialistischen Rassenpolitik" by Diana
Schulle and the second was "Inventar archivalischer Quellen des
NS-Staates" by Heinz Boberach. Both these books, as well as the
website of the Bundesarchiv confirm that certain holdings of this Nazi
institution have been preserved and are located in the Bundesarchiv in
Potsdam. Among the holdings are 146 microfilms containing the
"Personalstandsunterlagen" of 120 Jewish Communities in East, West Prussia and
Silesia, with copies of these films at the Jewish museum in Frankfurt.

I have a number of questions and I wonder if anyone has an answer:
1. Are these "Personalstandsunterlagen" identical with birth, marriage
and death registers? If not what are they?
2. Are these microfilms identical with those on German Jewish
communities available >from the Family History Library (Mormons)?
3. Are the films at the Bundesarchiv and the Frankfurt museum covered
by the German privacy law (Datenschutz)?
4. Has anyone ever looked at these films?

Henry Wellisch Toronto <henry.kelwel@...>

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