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Roger Lustig <trovato@...>

FRIEDLAENDER is one of the most common surnames in Silesia--67 entries
in the 1812 citizenship register out of about 4,000 total. Any further
information would help immensely.

Also, Breslau isn't in Upper Silesia. Depending on definition, it's in
Lower or Middle Silesia, as well as being the capital of all of Silesia.

The 1812 register has two FRIEDLAENDERs in Beuthen and 11 in Breslau.

There were 8 GOLDMANN families in this register, incl. one in Breslau
and one in Klukowitz, Kreis Beuthen. Also one in Myslowitz, which soon
after was assigned to Kr. Beuthen.

3 of the remaining 5 GOLDMANNs come >from Zuelz, which also had 12

I'll look for FRIEDLAENDER / GOLDMANN marriages in Upper Silesia. Any
idea when these people were born?

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ <trovato@...>

Adam Yamey wrote:

The brothers Bernhard and Louis GOLDMANN were partners
in a branch of the Mosenthal's trading business in
Burghersdorp, along with Godfroy SICHEL (probably of
Jewish origin).

The Goldmanns were in some way related to the family
of Isadore FRIEDLANDER who migrated >from Upper Silesia
to Middelburg in the Cape in the period between ~1830
and ~1860.

Both the Goldmann and the Friedlander familys came
from Prussian Upper Silesia, most probably from
Breslau +/- Beuthen.

I am interested in obtaining a family tree,
preferably, or some information showing exactly how
the two families, GOLDMANN and FRIEDLANDER are related.

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