German SIG #Germany Re: PINS Family From Hoexter #germany

Fritz Neubauer

Jacob wrote:
"Dear Ger Siggers,
I attended a memorial ceremony for the Jerusalem
artist and collector Jacob Otto PINS (1917-2005).He
was born in Hoexter to Leo and Ida PINS. Only 45 Jews
lived there until 1939. There are testimony pages for
them at Yad Vaswhem. I learned >from his brother that
the family lived in Germany since the 16th century."
Dear Jacob,

the Memorial Book for the Westphalian town of Bielefeld has two entries
for PINS.

Helmut, born 24 Sep 1921 in Luedinghausen/Westphalia, who was in
Bielefeld >from 1935 to 1938 and

Johanna, born 13 March 1880 in Luedinghausen who died a natural death in
Bielefeld on 04 July 1942 - she would probably have been deported at the
end of that month.

Let me know if yopu are interested in them,

with kind regards Fritz Neubauer, Bielefeld <>

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