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Martha Lev-Zion posted this message on 18 Dec 2005:

There used to be a wonderful site that I used frequently, the work
of a doctoral student, that gave the prewar voting statistics on German
parties in every little village, so that you could see if the area had been
very pro-Nazi. It broke down the population numbers by religious
affiliation as well. The site seems to have disappeared.
Does anyone know where the site went or if it was just pulled off
the net and why?

MODERATOR NOTE: This was a useful resource. Please report to
the Forum if you can locate the site. JPL

The doctoral student, Michael Rademacher, meanwhile has obtained his doctorate at
the University of Osnabrueck. Evidently he decided to discontinue supporting his
old site, with its extensive statistics on Germany's prewar population and voting
behavior. His new site, at the URL:

has much more limited selection of statistical data. It also contains a list of
Rademacher's publications and an article of his, which so far as I recall were not
on the earlier site.

Ralph B. Hirsch Celle, Germany <hirsch@...>

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