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Geoff Kaiser <geoff_kaiser@...>

Dear Researchers,

thank you to all those that replied to my request for assistance with the
Hebrew Web site for the Petach Tikva Cemetry. I was flooded with replies.
Please accept this as my thanks to you all. However, as usual new
information always results in new questions!

Is any one familiar with the given name of Marash or Marsh. This appeared
on one of the entries for a burial I had enquired about. The name I was
expecting was Miriam. Is there any connection bewteen these names?

Also Efraim KAISER had his entry giving his father's Hebrew name as Ze'ev.
My records have his given name as Wilhelm. What connection is there bewteen
given names and Hebrew names if any.

I look forward to an interesting discussion. Regards

Geoff Kaiser Melbourne <>

MODERATOR NOTE: Mr. Kaiser asks: "What connection is there bewteen
given names and Hebrew names if any." Mr. Kaiser and all members should learn
to use the archive search feature. To learn more about the relationship between
secular given names (in German, Yiddish and other languages) and related Hebrew
given names search the SIG archives for " Esterson ". Prof. G.L. Esterson
has written extensively on this topic in this and other SIG lists. An archive
search for Esterson will produce 363 hits, most of which address this topic.

A search for "given then names" will lead you to:
< > a JewishGen database
mentioned in many of Prof. Esterson's posted messages.

Prof. Esterson wrote about related Hebrew and secular given names
in this forum as recently as January 9th.

A link to the SIG Archive Search Engine appears in the "footers" of every
message you receive >from GerSIG. MOD1

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