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Dear friends of GerSig and jcr-uk!

I was searching for Lily FULD and I found her by your help! It was like a
great puzzle! Many hints of yours helped me to find out her son and herself. In
Germany nobody remembered the families BAER - SANDER - FULD - ABELES
from Frankfurt I was looking for.
At the "Hessische Hauptstaatsarchiv" of Wiesbaden I was told
her first name and where she lived after war. So I described to the
discussion-group of Great Britain, too. Step by step I was helped. It would be
too much, to tell everything. But many, many hints were helpful! I try to answer
everybody but it could be I don't find every e-mail.

Once I was sad as I thought, I wouldn't get on, one lady consoled me: "Don't
give up!" Indeed! Thank you for this, I don't find your mail anymore!
I was searching for descendants of Friedrich Moritz ABELES, too. I got helpful
hints. Having found the family of Lily FULD I am connected to ABELES, too.
Now I'm going to find out how to contribute to JewishGen.

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web page is found at the top of every GerSIG E-mail. ]

Great thanks to all of you!

Rosl Reuther, Coburg Germany

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