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David Lewin <davidlewin@...>

The material is available in abridged form at:

A book-format of the Dresden Yizkor Book is now in its last stage of
preparation, and will hopefully be printed in the not too distant future.

Anyone with any Dresden information is requested to send it to in German. If you have no German, please
email via me, I will translate it and forward it.

David Lewin London <>

Someone recently posted a question regarding Dresden Holocaust
deaths and I will reply to him direct. However, the following
general information regarding Dresden may be of interest. In place
of the traditional Gedenkbuch, there exists a Buch der Erinnerung
issued by the Arbeitskreis Gedenkbuch der Gesellschaft fuer
christlich-juedische Zusammenarbeit Dresden e.V. Unfortunately,
this excellent reference source is only available in CD form. If
readers find that their local libraries do not have this CD (and I hope
they will order them )I would be prepared to search for specific
names for them. Peter Lande Washington DC <>

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