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Dear friends,
Those interested in Worms Jewish history and capable of reading German
might be interested in a new book by Fritz Reuter + Ulrike Schaefer:
Wundergeschichten aus Warmaisa. Juspa Schammes, seine Ma'asseh nissim
und das juedische Worms im 17. Jahrhundert.

Wonderfully made up as hardcover with many pictures, it is a compilation about
Schammash, his times, his family, Jewish Worms and of the 25 Jewish tell-tales he
collected in his times until he died 1687. It also compares some of the
Shammash versions with other ones and contains some new Jiddish-German
translations never published before. The former Worms archiv director
Fritz Reuter comments and adds historical data. The address to look for
further information is:

Christof Eberstadt Erlangen, Germany <>

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