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In the context of the present exchange on Reference Book on Jews >from Posen, some
of you may be interested in this volume in Hebrew:

Adam Teller: LIVING TOGETHER. The Jewish Quarter of Poznan in the First Half of
the Seventeenth Century. 134 pages. Magnes Press, Jerusalem 2003.

The volume contains a list of house owners and their tenants, in the Jewish
Quarter, in 1641. There is a list of names, and an extensive bibliography.

There are also some present-day photos of Poznan's Street of the Jews and of the
Synagogue which since the German occupation serves as swimming pool. That is
evidently not the same synagogue that was consecrated in 1907. An article in
German on that synagogue, by Jacob Jack Raphael (my late father) appeared in the
Mitteilungsblatt (22.9.1967). For those interested, an English translation is
available: “Recollections on Posen’s New Great Synagogue”.

A personal note: >from a photo copy I received some years ago >from the Poznan City
Archives, I learned that my grandfather, the glazier Isidor RAPHAEL had arrived in
Posen on 19 December 1889 >from Wongrowitz. He lived in the Judenstrasse 10.
Later the family lived at various other locations in the Judenstrasse and the
Wasserstrasse, until they moved to Berlin-Pankow in December 1923.

Please let me know, in case any of you are interested in additional information.

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