German SIG #Germany Marie - My introduction for GerSig #germany


Hello GerSig,

My English ist very bad, I'm sorry but thanks you in advance for your
attention. My Name is Marie de Jong and I live in Munich Germany (since 1974).
I just joined the group. I have been doing genealogy research for 1 year.
I consider myself to be a novice in doing German Jewish Genealogy research.
I live in Munich.
My native language is French and I also know perkekt German , Dutch, and a
little bit of Italian . English is very very difficult for me.

I consider myself expert in using a computer. My experience in using the
Internet is unlimmited.
I have identified the names and birth and death dates of MOYSE of my
grandparents, MOYSE of my great grandparents and MOYSE of my great great

My primary research goals now are to find out: MOYSE - CERF - GOUGUENHEIM - LEVY

Odette MOYSE, born in CHARLEROI (Brussels) in 08.12.1887 , dead at the
02.11.1918 in Uccle (Brussels) ( my gran-gran-mother) His Sister Léa MOYSE ,
born in CHARLEROI 02.11.1884 - seak Information about Léa (marriage,
children, maby deportation ? )

CERF in Arlon ( Belgium) - I 'm searching the Mother of Odette and Léa -
Alice CERF, born in Arlon 30.11.1864 - what did she do after the dead os his
hasband Lucien MOYSE ( in 1890) ? She is coming >from a Butcher-Family, I
dont now if a Jewish woman can be butcher ? She was Re-Married ?
- The Father of Alice - Joseph CERF ( born in Arlon
1836, Belgium, Dead 28.09.1872) butcher and his wife Pauline GOUGUENHEIM

Salomon MOYSE in LOUVIGNY (Alsace) - Born in Louvigny ( Alsace) in 1792 ,
his wife Scheimen LEVY ( coming >from Boulay (Alsace)

Justine GOUGUENHEIM (Alsace) - born in Louvigny 19.06.1832 - dead at
14.09.1923 in Paris and also about his Fahter:
Salomon GOUGUENHEIM , Born in 1803 in Suisse ( I dont now where) . He was
living in Louvigny, Hebreic teatcher and precentor in the synagogue ( of
Louvigny ? ) I think, the synogogue not exist more, maby demolished ? but I
dont find any information about a synagogue in Louvigny. Im looking also for
Information at the Jewish life in Alsace around 1800 - 1900.

Marie de Jong - - Munich München

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