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First the background: this is about my father's great-uncle Wilhelm
SCHROEDER. As family history had it, he'd converted to Judaism when he
married my great-great-aunt. He was a baker by trade, and was said to
have made the best Barches (challah) in town. My father said so, and
he'd had some on occasion...

Surprise! While transcribing the Jewish civil birth records of
Myslowitz, Upper Silesia (Myslowice in Polish), I came across--Uncle
Schroeder! He was born Wilhelm ALTSCHUELER. (The date--8 May 1858-- checks out.)
His mother was Jettel A., widow of the master baker Israel A. Her maiden name
was BERLINER, and she came >from Sohrau. (All that checks out too.)

Israel ALTSCHUELER had died 6 years before, so he wasn't the father.
Besides, the entry says "extramaritally". But in the margin, we read
that he was legitimized by the subsequent marriage of his mother to the
master baker Johann Peter Christian Carl SCHROEDER on 21 July 1865.
Even stranger, the marriage is recorded in the Myslowitz Jewish civil
marriage register, the groom presenting all four of his given names.

Leaving aside what the various families would have thought about these
events, I have the following questions:

--When was mixed marriage even legalized in Prussia? After 1874 civil
marriage was possible regardless of religion; but was that the case in
the Kingdom of Prussia 10 years earlier?

--Under what conditions was a marriage entered in the
administrative-court Jewish vital records? When either party was
Jewish? When both were? When there had also been a Jewish marriage

By the way, both bride and groom were 46 when they married, so there's
little point in looking for children born after then. Someday I may
check the Myslowitz church records (probably Lutheran, since JPCC
Schroeder's family came >from Schleswig) to see whether mother or son
were actually baptized. Until then, however, I'm left wondering just
what the circumstances *could* have been.

Any and all ideas as to where one might look would be appreciated.

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ <>

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