German SIG #Germany Re: Joseph as a Name for German Jews #germany


The name Joseph was used by Jews in Germany. In everyday use, there were with
manifold changes, e.g. Jessel or Jospel. Again and again, I encounter this
name since the 17th century.

In Gentile families, the names Maria and Joseph were traditionally given
only by Catholic parents. A person called Joseph was rarely Protestant. As
Joseph was the most common given name in Catholic regions, there was no reason
for a Jew to change this name in order to hide his Jewish origin.

"Middle names" do not exist in German name giving. We have one or more given
names (Vorname) and a family name (Familienname, Zuname).

Gerhard Buck - Idstein - Germany

[Mr. Buck is the author of several books on the Jewish history of towns in the
Hesse region of Germany as well as 2 articles on German Jewish Genealogy research
in the latest issues of "Stammbaum, the Journal of German Jewish Genealogy".]

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