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The reference to parts of Bavaria being in today's
Baden-Wuerttemberg may derive >from "Schwaben." this
is a linguistically coherent region, Swabia, partly in
Bavaria, partly in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Swabia has a cultural coherence but is not much
more precise as a geographical term than our American "Midwest."

Worse yet, natives of Wuerttemberg often refr to
themselves as Schwaben, implying that all of DSchew.
is in Wuerttemberg.

There also is the "Ries" mostly in Bavaria,adjacent to
B-Wuertt, with families named Rieser or, to name a
famous descendant, Michael Reese whose eponymous
hospital is in Chicago, although he died in San
Frnacisco where there is the Michael Reese
collectionin the library of the U of Calif Berkeley.

George Arnstein, Washington DC <george304n@...>

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