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On March 13th abmiller@... wrote:
"My research goals now concern the familly of my Grandfather Kenith OPPENHIEMER
and my Great aunt Margo STATEIN (known as 'Hansy', maiden name OPPENHIEMER)."

==I doubt that Kenith is a German name. It looks like a misspelling of a
similar-sounding English (Irish) name Kenneth--also very much not a German name.

==I have a cousin, Kenneth F, who immigrated to London with his parents as a
little boy in 1936 >from Fuerth, Bavaria. In Fuerth his name was Kurt.

==Your Kenith grandfather is likely to have changed his name, too. Check
out for a start all names starting with K.

==I suggest you check the records of Jewish organizations in England that
helped Jewish refugees who escaped >from Europe before, during and immediately
after WW II. To get contact information, post a query on

Michael Bernet, New York MBernet@...

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