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In a message dated 4/3/2006 Professor Esterson,
writes of "a German secular name Jozef" used by Jews.

This must be a typo. The letter "z" is always pronounced as "ts" in German
which has no equivalent for the z-as-in-zero sound. And the German Josef, or
Joseph, both pronounced (just like the original Hebrew name) as Yosef in
English transliteration, is a Biblical name, a fully Hebrew name, a fully Jewish
name, that *happens* to have been correctly transmitted into German through
the Vulgate and German versions and used by German Christians (not the other
way around)..

I checked the text index of the Encyclopedia Judaica CD for the name Jozef.
With the exception of one in Hungary and one in Holland, all the many, many
references were to Slavic countries, with Catholic cardinals and Soviet
secret police chiefs predominating.

Michael Bernet, New York

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