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My name is Stephen G. Esrati, but I was born Stefan Hermann Hirsch in
Berlin in 1927. My father, Dr. Med et Phil Arnold Hirsch had a
practice at 9 Karmer Strasse, just off Savigny Platz.
My father left for Palestine in 1933, arriving in Jaffa on June 29
aboard the Champoleon. My mother and I followed.

We lived in Tel Aviv until 1937, where we changed our family name to
Esrati when we naturalized as Palestinian citizens.

I have been able to trace my father's family on his mother's side.
She was called Clara and was born in Orsoy (Kreis Moers), Helping me
with my search for the GOTTSCHALKs were my cousin Shlomo Melchior of
Israel and Willem Voorink of Holland. I know almost nothing of Alwin
HIRSCH, my paternal grandfather.
My grandmother was starved to death in Theresienstadt at age 61. I
will gladly send you my article about her. Ask for Clara at

Stephen G. Esrati Shaker Heights, Ohio

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