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tina ramsey

hello gersig
i have just joined up and just a little confused in how to obtain
information >from your web site [See MOD NOTE below.]

i have just began to do my family tree searching many web sites. i decided
to go on your as most my desendants are >from baden and austria. i have only
been researching for the last 3 months and at a lost.

my great grandfatther's name is Andreas BRUDER who came >from Sasbachwalden,
Achern, Baden and he emigrated in 1887 and arrived in new york in may 11
1887. i know that he emigrated with his sister Christo BRUDER. what i
would like to know is how do i go about in getting my great great
grandparents information, like all the family birth certificate, marriage
certificate etc., etc..

if you could put me in the right direction i would really appreciate it
thank you many regards

marie k. charles tina.rie@... ipswich suffolk england

MODERATOR NOTE: We sent you the GerSIG Introduction and Welcome letter when you
joined our group. That email contained much advice to help you with your

It also included the rules for writing to this list which you ignored. I urge
you to read our Welcome letter. You will have to learn the rules before you can
post another message here. The research tips included in that document will
surely be helpful to you. MODERATOR

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