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Dear cousins,
Please do not dismiss the possibility of my family being Jewish, just because the
names aren't "Jewish" by your definition or understanding thus far. Throughout six
years of research, I've come across multiple references to "court-appointed Jews”,
"conversos" as well as those with Jewish roots who've become assimilated for one
reason or another. Even so, we know that generational ties through blood and
birth were the determining factors of the Holocaust, so blood lineage remains the
basis of connecting to the ancestors who walked with Moshe. So, unless you have
evidence to the contrary, it is quite possible that at least some of my ancestors
belonged to these categories. I know this possible, due to the Jewish traditions
I learned as a child at my mother's mother's home at Chanukah and the Jewish foods
I was taught how to make.

That said, please contact me privately if you have any information regarding the
following surnames. I know this is a big request, but your help will enable me to
either prove or disprove my Jewish lineage vis a vie connecting to ancestors
and/or relatives. Thanks so much! Have a great Pesach & Kul Tov...

Lucinda Patten beachwatergirl@... Los Angeles, CA

Like the DORNBERG name, I know nothing of the MOESER / MOSER name except that
Christian MOESER (b.3/18/1813 or 1815, Hesse-Darmstadt; passport marked
1836 arrival in America; d.1892, Cincinnati, OH) married Clotilda DORNBERG
(b. 12/4/1821, listed as “Saxony” in a census; and Principality of
Schwartzburg-Sondershausen in a dissertation; d. 1/1/1895, Cincinnati, OH)
and first made their home in New Berlin, PA.

Christian and Clotilda had 5 children: Alma (10/30/1850-3/23/1923),
Emma (9/12/1852-10/16/1930), Edmund(4/6/1855-12/1946), Clotilda (6/11/1857-1/1875)
and Louis (1/1864-?)

Later, after a succession of promotions by the US Govt as Civil Engineer in charge
of the Ohio River development, relocated >from New Berlin to Erie and then
Pittsburg, PA, before being relocated to Cincinnati, OH in 1871, where Christian
apparently died and one of their sons, Louis, took over the family home at
34 East McMillan Street.

Lucinda Patten beachwatergirl@... Los Angeles, Calif.

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