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Dear cousins,

Please contact me privately if you have any information regarding the following
and thanks very much for helping me find my ancestors and relatives. I know this
is alot to ask, but your help will enable me to either prove or disprove my
Jewish lineage.

One of the von KEISEWETTER/KIESEWETTER children was Alvin. [Aleph LamedVovYudNun…
I’m researching the possibilities due to the naming patterns and names given
during and after the Crusades and Napoleonic Wars.]

Alvin became “oberforester” in his father’s place, after his father was gored by
a wild boar, upon home >from graduating >from the University of Heidleburg and
married Johanna Marieanna SCHULTZ (b.1800, Schwartzburg-Katzhutte; d.10/26/1874,
Mankato, MN).

Alvin apparently changed his first name to "Albert" and adopted his grandmother's
name, (von) DORNBERG, upon arrival in the US, when he emigrated in 1847, leaving
his lands to be confiscated by the encroaching Prussian army. Alvin bought a
rather large looking home 1 ¼ miles NE of Mifflinburg, PA to which he brought his
family, the following year, 1848, and established himself in his profession as
Dr. Alvin Gustav Dornberg, MD.

(von) DORNBERG... I have no idea >from which region or town in Europe this family
lineage originates, however, there is a Dornberg town in the NE part of
Austria and I have contacted the Austrian SIG.

The von KEISEWETTER/DORNBERGs had 9 children: Clotilda (1821-1895), Leander
(1824-1868), Alvin Louis (1828-1900), Augusta (1829-1907), Bertha (1832-1917),
Louisa (1836-1912), Laura (1837-1912), Alma (1840-1918) and Theresa (1843-1929).

Lucinda Patten beachwatergirl@... Los Angeles, CA

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