German SIG #Germany Germany Approves Release of ITS Records #germany

Sally Goodman <sbgoody@...>

Congratulations and thank you Gary Mokotoff and Peter Lande and all those
who have fought long and hard to convince the International Tracing Service
(ITS) to open their record collection for copying to the eleven countries
that make up the ITS committee. For more information:

"The holdings of the International Tracing Service are one of the most
valuable sources of information about the fate of people, both victims and
survivors, caught up in the Holocaust. Their records place an individual at
a specific place and time during the Holocaust period. They claim to have 40
million such pieces of information. Their sources, to name a few, are
deportation lists, concentration camp death lists, ghetto records and
post-war refugee records."

We have waited for this for a long time and we are grateful to everyone for
making this happen.

Sally Goodman Palm Springs/LA, CA

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