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Art and Marti <ajannery@...>

Hi GerSig,
I just joined the group. I have been doing genealogy research for about 39
years. I consider myself to be a novice, however, in doing German Jewish
genealogy research. I live in a small City in the State of Florida, USA.
My native language is English [American] and I also know French, and am
presently self-tutoring in both German and Swedish.
I consider my self as perhaps advanced in using a computer. My experience
in using the Internet is at least intermediate.

I have identified the names of my wife's grandfather and great grandfather
and great grandmother as well as the death date of my wife's grandfather.

My primary research goals is now to find out as much as I possibly can about
my wife's Jewish Grandfather, Eugen FREUND [Berlin,Germany ---->NYC abt. 1892]
[aka Eugene FRIEND]. His father was Epharim Heinrich FREUND and his
mother was probably Rose/Pauline LEWIN / LEVIN / LEVILLE.

I have read the City Directories of Berlin, as well as the Civil
Registration records for Berlin around 1870 and both have yielded some
information re Eugen’s birth/parentage, and siblings.

Arthur Jannery, ajannery@... Palm Coast, Florida, USA

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