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nicky carklin <nixxyc@...>

I would like to find information about my Great Grandfather, Max
Isidore OESTERREICHER, who was killed in the First World War.

Unfortunately I have very little information to go on. All I know is
that he was born somewhere in Czechoslovakia (what was then, I
presume, Austria-Hungary?) in a town allegedly called "Teplichernow",
however I can find no evidence that such a place even exists! Would
anyone have an idea as to where this might actually refer? He then
moved to Pritzwalk in Germany, and >from there to Berlin. I am
uncertain as to whether he would have fought for Germany (where he was
living when the war began) or for Austria-Hungary (where he was born).

I managed to get my hands on the book:

"Die Judischen gefallenen des Deutschen Heeres, des Deutschen Marine und der
Deutschen Schutztruppen 1914-1918",
which lists Jewish German soldiers killed in action,
however his name was not in there. Can anyone advise as to what my
next step should be, or perhaps provide me with details of archives
where I can get further information? Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks, Nicky Carklin (London, UK) <nixxyc@...>

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