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Christopher Kuehn <ckuehn@...>

A recent post to the list mentioned Dr. Shlomo Ettlinger. Who is Dr.
Shlomo Ettlinger? I ask because, I was given correspondence between a
relative and Dr. Fritz Ettlinger which appears to indicate that Dr.
Ettlinger was working on retrieving genealogical information on his behalf.

The correspondence dates >from June 1935 and the letterhead identifies
Dr. Fritz Ettlinger as Rechtsanwalt und Notar in Frankfurt.

The last letter states "hier untersuche ich jetzt weiter" however I have
no follow ups. If indeed this Dr. Ettlinger is the same person as
Shlomo Ettlinger, is there a repository of Dr. Ettlinger's research that
could be accessed? I would love to see if he had done further work on
the origins of the SPANGENTHAL family.

Cheers, Christopher Kuehn <>

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