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I have still not been successful in finding verified data on my g3grandparents
told to be Salomon and Jeanette BLOCH, "Schutzbuerger" >from Gailingen, I'll try it
from an other angle:
My g2grandparents are definitely Jacob BLOCH (1782-1842) and his wife
Reel/Regine BLOCH-REDLICH (1786-1858), both buried in Gailingen. They
had, between 1812 and 1832, 12 children named Salomon, Isaak, Regina,
Jeanette, Samuel, Daniel, Elk Emilie, Hanna Hindel Henriette, Josef,
David plus a boy and a girl whose names are not known. Is, amongst my
co-JewishGenners, anybody - may be even descendants unknown to me of
this family, who would have reliable information on Salomon and
Jeanette BLOCH or hints how to continue my search? Any help will be appreciated.

Thomas Bloch, Zurich, Switzerland

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