Re: SEGAL Family in France #france

Sherry Landa <sherry@...>

Hi Lois,

I don't understand what you mean when you say you have no way to contact
these gentlemen.
If you go to and put Segal in the first box
and 75 in the last you'll get the street address, the home phone and the
mobile for Claude plus the street address and home phone of Philippe. So,
between the two of them you have 5 ways to contact them.

Are you perhaps asking someone to telephone them or write to them on your
behalf? If so, then I suggest a letter. Cold calling is sometimes fantastic
but when people are not expecting it and may be vulnerable in some way they
can find it very intimidating. In addition, for someone to help you they
would need to know what you want to say to these gentlemen and how they can
contact you. You gave your email address but if neither have internet access
that is not going to be much use. Also you need to think of the logistics.
If someone contacts them and they phone you and they don't speak English and
you don't speak French it could be tricky ;-) Also there is something like 6
hours between Florida and Paris so if they were to call you mid-morning you
might get a nasty shock at 3 am!

If you want to email me back, privately, I am more than happy to write to
these gentlemen on your behalf. Post is taking 2 working days >from here to
France at the moment and I have French stamps to include a return envelope
which I find gets you further if included.

Hope this helps a bit and look forward to hearing >from you if I can be of
further assistance.
Best wishes,
Sherry Landa
Once again I am searching for 'my' long lost SEGAL family. I now have
names and addresses so this might be helpful.

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