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In a message dated 5/14/2006 writes:
"I have recently received data about my JEIDEL family including this entry:
Auguste JEIDEL born 23.4.1844 married Samuel BAMBERGER teacher of religion
and Rabbi in Bad Kreuznach.
I have tried JGFF family finder with no success, and wondered whether this
Rabbi BAMBERGER appeared on anyone's tree?"

==Rabbi Seligman Baer (Yitzhak Dov haLevi) Bamberger, known as Der
Wuerzburger Rov, was an outstanding leader of Orthodox Judaism in Germany in the
mid-19th century. He is also outstanding for the number of direct descendants who
became rabbis, and the number of rabbis who married his daughters and
granddaughters (including one or two of my cousins). Other decendants became
highly respected scholars, educators, publishers, psychologists.

==I could find no reference to Samuel in my files or in the EncycJud. The
Bamberger family publishes a family history; you might be able to get access
to it to check out your folk. For what it's worth, both a son and a grandson
of the Wuerzburger were rabbis in another resort, Bad Kissingen.

I'm collecting information on the Wuerzburger Rov's family, Bamberger,
because I think it contains other links for me; I'd appreciate any information.
Most of all, I'd like to know how he got the BAMBERGER name; my suspicion is
he was the descendant of one of the district rabbis of Bamberg who was forced
to live in the village of Zeckendorf, two hours walk away >from Bamberg.

Michael Bernet, New York

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