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Some years ago the University of Wuppertal started several major
research projects into the Nazi period. One project is entitled:
Juedische Buerger in Wuppertal und Umgebung zur Zeit des Nationalsozialismus
(Jewish citizens in Wuppertal at the time of National Socialism)

The other project is called:
Arisierung juedischen Eigentums in Wuppertal (Arianization of Jewish
Property in Wuppertal).

Further Information can be found on:

In connection with these projects the University has established a
searchable database under the title "Juedische Verfolgte in Wuppertal"
(Persecuted Jews in Wuppertal) which can be accessed on the internet under:

These projects cover over 4000 persons, but because of German privacy
laws the database included only those born before 1916.

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