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Zeev Raphael <zeevra@...>

Dear Michael Appel,
I suggest you try the Weimar Registry Office (Standesamt):
Mailing address:
Standesamt Weimar
PF 20 14
99421 Weimar, Germany

Telefon: 03643/ 77 83 42
Fax: 03643/ 77 83 41
E-Mail: standesamt@...

Several years ago, in August 1999, I obtained a helpful response from
the equivalent office in nearby Apolda, in the Weimar district. Good Luck,

Zeev Raphael, Haifa e-mail: zeevra@...

Michael Appel wrote: "We need to find (hopefully) birth/marriage certificates
from Weimar, Germany (the town, not the Republic) during the period 1890-1930.
We would appreciate any pointers on how best to get these records, if, in fact,
they exist."

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