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Diane Cudo <tikvah7@...>

I am researching my maternal grandmother, Margareta REPENNING. Even on the
death certificate (1948, MN) there is no date of birth, no place of birth,
no parental names. There is no documentation of entry into the U.S.

She was German, as the only language spoken in my mother's childhood
Minnesota home was German. My grandfather came >from Prussia.

The only information I have is a birthday of 1869 and I don't know where
that came from.

I find Repennings or Redepennings in areas >from Gollnow to Kiel and
elsewhere, with names >from Abraham to Jacob and on to Christian names.

Has anyone else run into this type of thing? Shalom,

Diane Hartman Cudo tikvah7@... Ariel, Israel

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